Friday, 5 September 2008

Time and Tide should wait for us

No pictures this time, except for this one, fortunately not us.

Monday we were due to go into dry dock, we called the shipyard on Tuesday to check all was well only to be told Real hadn’t turned up. After several phone calls we found that the company that were to tow us hadn’t done it as it was too windy. Nice of them to tell us! Fortunately they had told the Shipyard. Anyway, after several days and loads of phone calls (Maureen has done a brilliant job of this) we’re still at the Marina and probably won’t be able to go into dry dock for several weeks. This now means that we’ll be moving in and then moving out again into some sort of temporary accommodation, as we’ve already given notice on the house we’re currently renting. Best laid plans… and all that.

This means I’ve got to put the gangplank back, not the easiest job in the world as most of the fixing takes place over the water, and then back off and on again in a few weeks. Thanks to my brother for his help with this.

Suppose I ought to find some good news.

Packing is progressing well, as is getting rid of things we don’t need.

Kitchen 90% complete, can’t really finish it completely until we have a finished floor covering down and we haven’t quite decided on that yet. Oh yeah and install the gas for the cooker.

That’s about it for now, let’s see what the weekend brings.
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