Monday, 2 July 2012

Normal service may be resumed


I know it's been almost forever since we've posted anything and anyone that's been following us has now given up any hope of us posting again. We've been quite busy, not only working on our home but also enjoying life afloat and it's the enjoying part that's responsible for reducing the post frequency, plus I got an iPad some time back and haven't found a decent app for creating posts, well that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it. So, here it is, an update on what we've been up to over the last million months.


We completed the spray foaming with no catastrophes and actually with not even anything amusing to say about it. It was a very successful and carefully planned exercise and we finished it in one weekend. We protected all the ceiling with cheap plastic dust sheets, which was a bit like trying to cover everything in cling film as they were so thin but it worked and then set about spraying. We did come up with a couple of useful tips for anyone that wants to do this. Spray in several thin coats, we went over the whole area about three times gradually building up the thickness and we also found it best to spray the first two coats with the fan nozzles to give an even coat and then to use the cone nozzles for the final coat as this then lets you build up any areas that are a bit sparse and also allows you to get into the little fiddly areas that the fan spray just keeps missing no matter how many times you go over it. Now we had a nice cosy area, that looked a bit like the inside of a meringue or some mad Santa's winter wonderland.


Next was to build some walls, for this we got our tame carpenter back as although we're quite capable of doing it ourselves it takes time and we really really wanted a bedroom so that we were no longer living in a huge bedsit. So, Brian returned and lined all the walls and built us a bedroom leaving the rest to us. This time we used moisture resistant MDF to save on costs having found the environment not to be anything like as damp as we had originally imagined when we started all of this, we also decided that if it got really damp we would probably be sinking and would have a lot more things to worry about than problems with the walls, which lets face it could always be replaced in the event of a disaster.


Okay that's it for now, all being well and now I've found a half decent app for me iPad I can post with (it's Blogsy if anyone's interested) there should be more regular updates coming with some catch ups for the last year or so.



Tim Zim said...

Welcome back - that foam looks so good.

I bet you are well pleased with the results.

Loz 'n' Moz said...

Thanks Tim, it didn't come out too bad in the end, nice and cosy in the winter and probably cooler in the summer when in arrives.

Watergeus said...

Nice to see some pictures of the progress!

MS Watergeus

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